Educational Tours

America’s most celebrated qawwali party
— Chronogram, 2016
I was completely swept away!
— NPR Music, 2015
 The ensemble's interpretation of "South Asian gospel music" (qawwali) transcends religion and other fictitious, man-made boundaries.

The ensemble's interpretation of "South Asian gospel music" (qawwali) transcends religion and other fictitious, man-made boundaries.

In collaboration with museums and academic institutions, Riyaaz Qawwali ensemble plans state/regional tours showcasing qawwali across several cities. The goals of this initiative are to:

  • showcase the qawwali musical heritage
  • experience an authentic and traditional performance with English commentary
  • explore the poetry often used in the qawwali genre
  • understand the cultural context of this and other under-represented folk art forms of South Asia
  • shed new perspective on the philosophies and literary themes prevalent in India and Pakistan

Tours currently being planned:

  1. Montana- July 2018. This includes the Montana Folk Festival.
  2. Texas- August 2018. This includes a University engagement.

Completed Tours:

  1. New York - November 2014. This included concerts at both Columbia University and Princeton University.
  2. Lost Angeles- June 2015.  This included concerts at The Live Oak Festival in Santa Barbara. 
  3. New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland- October 2015.  This included the Richmond Folk Festival, Richmond Elementary School, Colgate University, a residency at Lafayette College and other public performances.
  4. New York- March 2016.  This included a University of Rochester engagements and concert at The Garrison Institute.
  5. California- April 2016.  This included concerts at the prominent Getty Museum in LA. 
  6. Louisiana- April 2016.  This included concerts at the Festival International de Louisiane.
  7. New York, New Jersey- August 2016.  This included public and benefit concerts.
  8. Ohio- October 2016. This included concerts at Oberlin University.
  9. Florida- March 2017.  This included a concert at The Axis of Love Festival.
  10. Texas- November 2017. This included a University engagement.
  11. New Hampshire- January 2018. This included a University engagement.
  12. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas- March 2018. This included 3 concerts at Penn State, Kenyon College & UH Clear Lake.
  13. Illinois- April 2018. This include a concert at University of Chicago.
  14. Texas- May 2018. This included a museum engagement.