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Nooran Sisters Songs – Famous Tracks, Hit Albums and Bollywood Discography

The illustrious and talented Nooran Sisters have many tracks to boast of. While they started off as live performers, they belong to the lineage of Bibi Nooran who herself was a formidable name in the early days of the Punjabi music scene.

Their recorded music fits into 3 main categories: Punjabi music industry, Bollywood, and Qawwalis.

Songs Albums and Discography of Nooran Sisters

Nooran Sisters Songs in Punjabi Music Industry

In the Punjabi music industry, The Nooran Sisters are one of the most successful contemporary artists. Their music and concerts are a family affair. Their father Gulshan Meer played the Harmonium for them until 2019. Their younger brother still plays with them, and he is the main Tabla player for most of their tracks.

Gulsham Meer Father to Nooran sisters

These 15 songs are some of our favorites and it’s a mix of Sufi and romantic songs.

A personal favorite from this list is Jugi and every live rendition by the artists, Jyoti Nooran and Sultana Nooran, is unique. A great story about the making of the 3rd song is that they mispronounced the word as they sang the lyrics. Jyoti Nooran and Sultana Nooran mispronounced the word “sound” to “sOnd. The producer felt that the pronunciation was authentic, never asking the singers to correct it.

The songs include:

  1. Jugni
  2. Main Deewani
  3. Tung tung Baje
  4. Bulla Nacheya
  5. Jind Meriye
  6. Jindriye
  7. Tumba Jindri
  8. Tere bajre di rakhi
  9. Duniya Matlab Di
  10. Jogan
  11. Rab Da Karam
  12. Ishq
  13. Vanjhali
  14. Ek Nadi Thi
  15. Bol Maaye
  16. Fakeeran (2018)

Nooran Sisters Qawwali

Not a typical qawwali ensemble, these Nooran Sisters perform with no chorus. There are plenty of other instruments, but only these two voices. They resemble a bolstered-up Abida Parveen performance ensemble.

Allah Hoo / Allah Hu

Their singing of this at the annular Nakodar Festival went viral. Playing this song, in essence, was what catapulted the Nooran sisters to overnight success. This should not be confused with Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan‘s famous number.


This was an original song of their grandmother’s. The Nooran Sisters have revived the old family track with modern instruments.

Duma dum Must Qalandar

Nooran Sisters Bollywood Songs

Rarely do singers from regional markets break successfully into the mainstream Bollywood industry. There are some rare occasions, like Malini Awasthi. And, now the grandaughters of Bibi Nooran, are another one of these breakthrough cases.

  1. Pataka Guddi – Released in 2014. This was their debut song for Bollywood. Movie Highway. Awarded the Mirchi Music and Female Vocalist of The Year
  2. Dum Laga Ke Haisha – This 3 and half minute track was released in 2014, and was sung with Kailash Kher. The movie was Dum Laga ke Haisha
  3. Ghani Bawri – From the movie Tanu Weds Manu Returns, this was released in 2015.
  4. Tuk Tuk– Released in 2016, this track by the Nooran sisters won them notoriety. It was in the movie Sultan with Salman Khan.
  5. Idiot Bana – Released in 2016, this song appeared in the movie Dangal, produced by Amir Khan.
  6. Jee ve Sohaneya – This was a movie released in 2017, with Shah Rukh Khan. Praise by SRK for their family and music gave the duo another career boost.
  7. Tanha Hua – Again a track with only Jyoti. This was in the movie Zero, released late in 2018.
  8. Hallaa – Track featuring only Jyoti in the movie Manmarzia released in 2018.
  9. Aya Na Tu – Jyoti (only) sang a track for the 2019 make of Bharat with the sound track by Vishal-Shekhar

Jyoti and Shahrukh Khan Bollywood actor         Older sister of Jyoti, Sultana Nooran


Many of these tracks are available for free on youtube and most of the streaming platforms.

Free downloads of these Bollywood and Sufi songs can be found at this site.


What are the Nooran sisters’ famous songs?

The Nooran Sister’s famous songs include ‘Duniya Matlab Di’ and ‘Allah Hu Da Awaaza.’

What is a good comprehensive Nooran Sisters Songs list?

Spotify and Gaana have solid lists, but there is not one that we have found to be comprehensive. That is why we compiled the above song list.

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