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The Nooran Sisters have reenergized the Punjabi Sufi music scene. From first arriving on the scene in 2013, they have pushed the rest of their competition to increase the quality of work that the qawwali industry produces. The Nooran Sisters perform with their father, brother, and other ensemble musicians. Beyond religion, they sing with a pluralistic ethos.

Singing Duo Nooran Sisters

Nooran Sisters Biography

The Nooran Sisters (Jyoti Nooran and Sultana Nooran) are a Sufi singing duo and come from a family of talented musicians. Their great-grandmother Bibi Nooran and grandfather Swarn Nooran were part of the Sham Chaurasia Gharana (Jalandhar, India). Both were popular singers of their time. The father, Ustad Gulshan Mir, and grandparents trained the sisters and were to thank for influencing them to indulge themselves in singing.

Nooran sisters father was their primary teacher and they continue to follow their father’s teachings even today. He trained them in Sufi music for 10 years and gave them one-on-one lessons. The lessons began after the father discovered their beautiful Punjabi voices in the song Bulleh Shah Kalam. Bulleh Shah was a popular Sufi poet during the 17th Century, which inspired the sisters and encouraged them to sing the songs.

Nooran Sisters Struggle Time

During their early career, they were both unsure of the success and understanding of Sufi music. Yet, after their first live performance in Canada, the sisters were sure that Sufi music would bring them success.

While Nooran Sisters primarily sing Sufi songs, they gained notoriety across India after appearances on Coke Studio and lending voice to their first Bollywood film “Highway” with the song Patakha Guddi.

The sisters moved out of their hometown Jalandhar in Punjab and to Mumbai, Bollywood nation, earlier in 2019.

Nooran Sisters Career

It was not all glamour and success for the sisters. Their early life involved family struggles after losing their grandmother, which led them to live in poor conditions. The Nooran family was cared for by their father, Gulshan who gave music lessons to support the family. Their singing acted as a sign for him and he worked with them to help them succeed and reach a place in the Bollywood world, where they are today.

nooran sisters singing

The sisters started their music careers at an extremely young age. Sultana Nooran started singing at age 7, whilst Jyoti Nooran was only age 5.

Nooran Sisters Success in Mumbai

The sisters moving to Mumbai was an indication, a sign, of a success they had achieved. Most singers in India move to the Bollywood nation to pursue their music careers and further their success for an improved personal life. This proved to be the right thing to do after Sneha Khanwalker found Jyoti Nooran and her sister during her search for new and unknown singers.

nooran sisters holding award for success in bollywood

What Led Them To Success

After the Nooran Sisters performed “Tung Tung” on MTVs ‘Sound Trippin’ show, the Nooran sister’s name became a thing of the future. Little did Jyoti and her sister realize what was to follow in their years ahead.

Throughout their years in Mumbai, the Nooran Sisters are a well-recognized choice for songs in Pollywood and Bollywood movies (Punjabi and Indian music industry, respectively). The most popular Nooran Sisters songs include Tung Tung Baje, Jee Ve Sohneya, Yaar Da Deewana, Jinde Meriye, Ishq, and Rab Da Karam (click here for the full list of their popular songs).

jyoti and sultana nooran clapping and singing on stage

Where Are The Sisters Now?

Jyoti Nooran and Sultana have both gone on to marry. Despite being married, Nooran Sisters are still singing songs for Bollywood movies (YouTube). The Nooran Sisters have seen much success in their life since the early days of performing “Tung Tung” on MTV. Since Jyoti Nooran and her sister started singing at such a young age, over twenty years of practice was clearly well worth it. Today, the Nooran Sisters are a household name and brand, synonymous with Punjabi Sufi music.


What is Nooran Sister’s age?  – As in 2017, Jyoti 23 Years, Sultana 25 Years

What is the religion of the Nooran Sisters? – Hindu

Where are the Nooran Sisters from? – Phillaur, Jalandhar, Punjab, India

Who is Jyoti Nooran’s husband? – Kunal Passi (m. 2014)

Nooran Sisters Family – Bibi Nooran (great-grandmother), Swarn Nooran (grandfather), Gulshan Mir (father)

bibi nooran, great-grandmother on nooran sisters

Bibi Nooran








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