The Experience


The Experience, a short TV series, aims to showcase South Asian art being produced outside of the Indian subcontinent, presented on a major video hub (Youtube/Vimeo/Hulu or PBS/Smithsonian/National Geographic). This collaborative series aims to highlight different art mediums and encourage upcoming artists, and challenge the normal and accepted ways art is currently viewed/consumed. It focuses on highlighting a lesser known face of South Asia, via qawwali and other traditional/folk arts.

The interfaith philosophies presented in Qawwali, or the amalgamation of Hindu and Muslim ideas in the Kathak, or the classic bandhishes (pieces) played on the Sarod/Sitar, all represent the oft-ignored beauty and maturity of South Asia . With South Asia’s inherent complexities, the art goes to show the diversity of its people. The traditional art forms explored will aim to entertain yet also educate the viewership at the same time.

The initiation is currently slated for Fall 2019, with hopes to have it air late 2019 or Spring 2020.


Riyaaz Qawwali