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If you enjoy great music and are a fan of comic books, the Eargoogles Double Album + Comic Book is a project that deserves your attention (and your backing). What a unique project!

The Eargoogle's Double Album And Comic Book

The record and comic Photo by Ezra

What Is The Eargoggle’s Double Album + Comic Book

This is a double album that comes WITH a comic book, which accompanies all of the songs. The Eargoggle’s new album- “The Eargoggle Regales, The Eargoggle Revels”- combines music and comedy, giving the audience a visual storyline to interpret with the music. You have the choice to use both resources or focus on one of them first. Read, then listen, or read and listen at the same time. It’s all up to you.

The Eargoggle Revels

Cover for the ‘Revels’ side of the comic book, by Flame Ghost (Franco Calandri)

The comic is a 56-page ‘flip book’, anthology-style, with the first record (Regales) that can be read holding the comic book front to back. And, the second record (Revels) can be read using the same comic book but this time reading it back to front. The comics visually capture each song in a truly unique and creative way.

The Eargoggle Breakdown

The Eargoggle is a collective of talented musicians led by Ezra, who is a songwriter, and producer. It features incredible artists from around the world. All that diversity and representation on one album is wonderful! Not just that, but the production was done in a unique manner.

Every artist involved in the project was sent only the lyrics and a rough mix of the song. This gave every artist the freedom to go deep and draw from their creativity. So, the 18 tracks on the records roam over a wide sonic landscape. From NYC dance-punk (“Soak”) to 70’s Bowie-meets-Zappa groove (“The Garden”). The plaintive upright bass lullabies (“Tiny Island”) to wild Fela Kuti-meets-Edward Snowden afrobeat (“Bureau of Everything”).

The album also had special guest vocalists and musicians who have amazing resumes. Many have worked with popular artists like Taylor Swift, Ruben Blades, Matisyahu, and Moby.

The pairing of music and comics is great

It creates an active listening and reading experience. A good song has an energy that can draw you into its world. With this album, you don’t just hear the music. You can see and feel what the song is all about.

This is the same experience with a good comic. With a simple turning of the page, you are taking to Gotham City, Marvel Universe, or Raina Telgemeir’s adolescence. This enhanced experience gives you a musical score for the comic book!

A Setback endangering the project!

A lot of effort and a lot of funds went into the studio time, writing the songs, collaborating with talented musicians, and graphics artists. Despite all the hard work, Eargoggle’s Double Album + Comic Book project may never become a reality. A major $5,000 bill was incurred. That’s why they need the help. This is a wonderful project, for comic book lovers, music enthusiasts, and those who love the arts. Check out the campaign here and back it.

Riyaaz Qawwali